Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Trick Candid Street Photography

Candid in the streets or called Street Photography

Recording images of people, in public areas can feel stressful. How eliminate fear, inferiority, and impressed arrogant, when to shoot candid on the street.
If we can overcome these problems, it is an opportunity to get a beautiful moment, when doing candid on the street. we can never know, what would we remember, the events that will take place on the streets .. but that's art, perpetuating the art, street activities, by obtaining moment just right.

 Foto ini diambil belakang pasar Niten, Bantul Jogjakarta, dengan jarak pengambilan sekitar 30 meter dari obyek.
 This photo was taken in Bantul Yogyakarta, with a distance of about 30 meters retrieval of objects

Tips a Street Photography - Candid

  1. The camera always in hand, when we are going to do this activity ... to facilitate, or reduce the risk of losing the moment, and help get the moment that a few moments ago.
  2.  Bring your camera equipment as needed, if we want to take pictures, but we are still embarrassed, or afraid, should use a long lens, for example, 18-105 or 18-135 lens or telephoto 100-300mm
  3. But if you can eliminate the shame, and fear, and can interact with objects, you should use a kid or a prime lens / 50mm lens, rather than zoom lenses, in addition to lighter, also the picture quality will be better. besides, we know more about the character, of the object, because we can directly interact.
  4. The camera settings according to the situation, but if the position is still shy, and afraid to interact, and use a long lens, preferably camera on Aperture settings,
  5. Berekspresilah with photos recorded, with the camera at waist level, so that the object is not so aware, when we shoot the picture.

one example candid photos, using kid-18-55 lens, with our position to interact with objects

hopefully, this Street Photography tips, can be useful

*****good luck*****

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