Sunday, 4 May 2014

A simple to edit Tones Photos (Soft Tones)

--> The usual photographer shooting the model, they are usually in addition to making the uncropped photo, sometimes they want to create / change the tones of a photo (model), with a bit of soft color. in fact there are many ways to edit / change the tones of a photo (model), or change the tones skint photographs. This blog has been a few times I made ​​a tutorial how to edit the tones of a photo, (can open other files in this blog) and one of the following ways, simple ways ...

below, the original photo and the photos of edited, more soft

just take a concerted several stages in this process

Stage 1 

Once the photo is opened in Photoshop, then click (Layer+New Layer+Solid Fill color)
Choose a pastel color (soft colors)

Stage 2 

Perform correction, to maintain the sharpness of images, and color contrast brighnest,
by performing the erase in some places, which will be created darker. select the erase brush with a low-opacity (30%), as shown below.

Stage 3. 

did the process of the first stage, and both repeatedly until it gets soft tones

These tones one way to edit photos, make it more soft look, or pastel colors.
many ways to edit a photograph tones, on this blog there are several ways to edit it.

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