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An easy way to make ROL (Ray of light)


An easy way to create ROL (Ray of Light) 

in a photograph, sometimes we want to shoot the object with an additional light beam .. but sometimes it is very difficult to get that time. in this tutorial I want to teach you how to make artificial light rays with the help of Photoshop

1. The first stage 

Open the photo file then we copy with the command CTRL + J.. Results will be layer 2

 Photo 1

2. The second phase 

Reducing the size of the canvas on layer 2, unless the target is a light source that will be made already in the image, this step is not necessary., Suitable our goal to create a radial blur later, a light source that we will create is outside the area of ​​the photo, as shown in Figure 2 below.

3. The third stage 

then Turn photos into black and white 2 layer by clicking: IMAGE> ADJUSTMENT> BLACK & WHITE
Section will be limited to no exposure, in embezzled. The trick with the burn tool or the brush tool with black foreground.

 Photo 2

4. The fourth stage

This layer then we create a radial blur by clicking FILTER> BLUR> RADIAL BLUR. Settings / radial blur settings are: BLUR METHOD: ZOOM, QUALITY: BEST and AMOUNT: 100. Because I want to give the light of the right side to the left then the center will light we carry. to the upper right corner, by clicking the "center of cross hair" or center of the cross and then drag it to the upper right corner, then press OK. as in photo 3

 Photo 3

 Photo 4

because the last layer 2 we have minimized the width and height, then the result bluring not full, so needs to be enlarged, I click on the layer and then drag the points at the end until all results bluring canvas near or arrangement made ​​possible, adjusted

5. Stage Five 

Next, change the blending mode of Layer 2 had become SCREEN (only the white part and which is shown), how to set the layer blending mode click on the small box of "NORMAL" changed to SCREEN

 Photo 5

6. Stage to six 

Duplicate Layer 1 Channel Mixer (layer2), then place in the top row, then give the highpass filter with overlay blending mode. Click way to FILTER> OTHER> HIGH PASS and set a radius of 30 pixels (this depends on your taste, the greater the number of pixels, the more extreme AFP beam (light) her.

 Photo 5

7. Stage Seven 

It is finished. Usually the steps for ROL can not completely finished, because the results are often unsatisfactory, so it should dicoa try again until the results are satisfactory. The results of a series of Effect Ray-of-Light on top, like the picture above Sample ..


Good luck

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