Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Change the Background of a Photo

Change the atmosphere by replacing / editing background

Original photo
Photo Edits and this results in buying By

Stage 1. 

Do it the Double layer (Ctrl + J)

after a photo of his background will be changed (the original photograph), 
create a double layer on the photo or press (Ctrrl + J)

Stage 2 

Motion Blur

after a 2-layer, then the next stage, 
top layer is made motion blur, (Click Filter-blur-select Motion Blur) 
results are as shown below

Stage 3.

Proses selection

Do it like the first stage, a copy of the background layer on the bottom layer, with (ctrl + J) to do the selection process / eliminate backgraound

The result, then layer the selection is placed on the top layer

The result will be like the image below


For more details the Tutorial, open the

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