Monday, 31 March 2014

Viewpoints and composition

A photograph was also influenced how we shoot the object.

In the world of photography especially not a few photographers who are beginners, as the concentration on matters of a technical nature, such as aperture set, setting the pace, and distance settings. It is also possible, as long as it is unthinkable that in the picture it contained certain values ​​which can make it a good picture or vice versa be messy. One is the composition settings. May never have imagined, that the actual composition of the arrangement can enjoy the main subject. Even sometimes will support the success of the photographs that we create.

Set the destination Composition In Photography

  1. By adjusting the composition of the picture , we can also build a " mood " of a photo and the overall balance of the object .
  2. Constructing the embodiment of ideas into a good image preparation to realize a unity (unity ) in work art
  3. Train the eye sensitivity to capture the various elements and aesthetic sense honed in personal photographer .

An easy way to make ROL (Ray of light)


An easy way to create ROL (Ray of Light) 

in a photograph, sometimes we want to shoot the object with an additional light beam .. but sometimes it is very difficult to get that time. in this tutorial I want to teach you how to make artificial light rays with the help of Photoshop

1. The first stage 

Open the photo file then we copy with the command CTRL + J.. Results will be layer 2